This clothing promo was shot for Stitch & Bloom, an online clothing store based in Springfield, MO. They were getting ready to re-release national park themed apparel, so they wanted a promo video to announce it. The video was shot in Van Buren State Park, Michigan which matched the vibe of the clothing very well. The tone of the video was very exciting and adventurous, which is highlighted in the upbeat music, quick cuts, and movement on screen by the talent.

The video featured 2 main scenes: the beach and the campfire. The beach scene was a good opportunity to highlight the clothing in an energetic way. A variety of angles and sound effects accompanied by an increase in speed as the video goes on helps the video reach a crescendo before transitioning to the campfire scene. The campfire scene is much more calm and relaxed and shows a group of friends hanging out together in nature.

The end of the video features the main goal of the clothing promo: to show more information on when the clothing line will be released. Having a release date at the very end of the video encourages the viewer to watch all the way through. It also builds excitement and anticipation for the release.

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