Recently, GVMH was named one of 429 hospitals in the U.S. to receive a 5-star rating for overall quality from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). To celebrate this achievement, we made a promotional video to highlight the best of the best at GVMH. I have done other projects with GVMH but this one was the most exciting. It consisted of two scenes: the motorcycle montage and a recreation of a scene from Top Gun. We planned out the route that the motorcycle would take and ran through it a few different times. We used a gimbal to stabilize the footage as we rode alongside our talent. This allowed us to get wide shots and closeups without sacrificing stability. We then switched out our stunt double and went inside for the next scene.

The next scene was a recreating of the “best of the best” scene from Top Gun. We changed the dialogue to fit the message while still keeping the same tone as the scene we were recreating. This was where the CEO delivered the main content of the promotional video, so it was important to get high quality audio. Because all of the cast were employees at GVMH, we had to record the scene as quick as possible. This meant that we had to be efficient with our choice of shots to get coverage of the scene without making our actors late.

Some of the other shoots that I have done for GVMH include consultative videos and testimonials. These types of projects consist of employees talking into the camera about various things. Having the talent speak their message directly to the camera allows them to connect with the viewer better, which is crucial for leaving an impact. Good lighting and sound quality is also key for these shoots because it is important for the video to reflect the quality of GVMH. 

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