This documentary is focused on Katelynn Griffey. In her first album, she tackles many of the thoughts and feelings that many Christians face throughout their life. The Process goes through the highs and lows of Katelynn’s life and ultimately how God has remained faithful through it all.

This project required a lot of forethought going into it. Katelynn’s album features seven songs, some of which contain completely different tones. We knew that if we were to tell the full story of her album, it would require a very long project. However, the goal of this documentary was to highlight the album and promote the release date. Because of that, we wanted to make it brief and leave the viewer wanting to know more about the album. That is what guided us through the process of making the story structure. 

The documentary ends with a music video to show the quality of Katelynn’s music but it also completed the arc that she went through. The documentary starts by showing how she got into music, proceeds to show what that looks like in her daily life now and how her deepest pains influenced her lyrics, and ends with her proclaiming God’s glory despite it all… which is a reflection of the album itself. 

The Process - Documentary Photo

It is important to have that structure to make a good video into a great one. It was also important to communicate. During preproduction, we communicated a lot about the album and what she wanted to highlight. I needed to be open to her suggestions which in turn made a better film but also one that was genuine to her and what she has gone through. Use the links below to check out her music and get more information.

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